Carlos Reisch

"Here we are with a new 'IN'-formation of funk, Wes Montgomery, Guru, Q-Tip or Thelonious Monk"

This phrase from the CARLOS REISCH song repertory gives experienced music lovers an idea what this ensemble is about: Seventies funk meets today's live rap plus a pinch of jazz - and the musical symbiosis of this young, emerging band from Nuremberg, the metropolis of Franconia, is in full effect. Live sound at club parties, a normal thing in the old days of funk, has almost disappeared from today's clubbing and music scene. Carlos Reisch mourns this extreme loss of party culture. The atmospherically dense mix of funk a la MACEO PARKER, JAMES BROWN or BOOTS COLLINS paired with hip hop a la A TRIBE CALLED QUEST or THE ROOTS creates an explosive sensual frenzy. Elaborate song arrangements as the basis of the band's own compositions, underlaid with the driving groove of the rhythm section, facetious jazz harmonies and funk riffs, sharp interludes from the horn section, and above all that the texts, partly sung, partly rapped, in German, English, French or Spanish by the charismatic vocalists, are the very promising characteristics that make this band so special and individual.

They are your next door band, but they also represent far more than just young musicians meeting by chance in the lift to the top. CARLOS REISCH is friendship, a way of life - on stage, in the studio, or on the way home from the rehearsal room. CARLOS REISCH is a modern, creative cluster without limits, uniting artists from many nations in relaxed interaction: from Australia, from the Ivory Coast, Italy, Poland, or the German regions of Baden-Wurttemberg, Upper Palatinate, and Franconia. CARLOS REISCH is festival stage as well as club concert, is jazz, funk and scat. CARLOS REISCH doesn't give a dime for old, controversial jazz or pop music dogmas, but prefers to unite different worlds. The essence lays in the beat, in the flow - the old and original essence of music ever since we can remember. CARLOS REISCH is like a big city, multi-cultural and multi-layered. In musical and social terms. This band is modern, urban lifestyle, down to the smallest detail. All that coming straight out of the German region of Franconia!

The hot 10-piece funk-hiphop formation CARLOS REISCH is currently recording their debut album. A single release with fresh remixes is scheduled.


Next Dates:
04.08.2010 // Jeunesses Musicales, Schloss Weikersheim
29.08.2010 // Chiemsee Reggae Summer, Übersee

Control Of Your Mind
Need To Dance


Carlos Reisch